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(Read Carefully)

I will NOT work over damaged or infected nails. If damage or infection is suspected when arriving to your appointment, we can either

1)continue the service and skip the nail(s) that apply or

2) Reschedule your appointment

All clients wearing enhancements (acrylic, polygel, & hard gel) are required to soak off their sets upon the 5th service (maximum time of 15 weeks) to ensure safety of the nail beds. This soak off will not be charged since it is a requirement, but make sure to book it as an add-on to your new set.

I WILL work over someone else's work, however, I am not liable for any of the products or prep used prior to your appointment with me. If there is excessive lifting prior to your appointment, you may be asked to soak off for a new set and charged as such.

Due to time restrictions, the nail design we start with during the consultation, we must finish with. There won't be much room to make changes to your design throughout the session so consistency is key to keep us flowing. 

Keep in mind, COLORED ACRYLIC may have to be soaked off depending on the set/color you plan to change to when booking your next appointment. When in doubt if this may or may not apply to you, send a text with your concern to (702) 970-NAIL (6245) and your questions will be answered as soon as possible. 

Online bookings will be the only appointments considered to secure a spot. Deposits are required for services. There is a wait list available in the instance that a client cancels.

Wait List Option

-You can wait from home by texting "wait list" to (702) 970-NAIL (6245). This will add you to the wait list with real-time text notifications including your place in line and when/if an opening will be available for the day. (There is no deposit required to join the wait list).

If you need to cancel an appointment, you can do so through the email used to confirm your appointment made. If you have to cancel less than 30 minutes prior to your appointment, just send a text to (702) 970-NAIL (6245). All cancellations are penalty-free if communication was made any time prior to your appointment. Your deposit will NOT be refunded, but it will be used toward your rescheduled appointment (code needed). If there is no communication at all prior to your appointment, your deposit will NOT be refunded nor will it be applied to your next appointment (full deposit loss). 

Running late? No Problem! Sending a text to (702) 970-NAIL (6245) will secure your deposit. There is a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes we can either:

1) Downgrade your "Level" service due to time constraints (Example: Level 2 full set drops to Level 1 full set)

2)Reschedule your appointment (Deposit rolls over to rescheduled appointment only if communication was made prior to appointment)

Prohibited Actions (May result in permanent loss of access to bookings):

-No "I Owe You's"

-No discount requests (All public discounts are promoted and honored prior to appointments

-No intentionally disrespectful language 

-No bank or payment disputes on completed services (No Exceptions)

-Must follow all general salon and governor rules.

**Any issues with these rules will result in refusal of services permanently**

Due to CoVID-19: 

**All clients are asked to stay in their cars until told to come in. Masks (face coverings) are required for entry. Refrain from touching your mask. Do not bring children. Those who are not being serviced are asked to wait in the car** If you are having any symptoms of or related to Covid-19, please remain home. Thank you for cooperating!

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